The Israel Daily News is an energetic, modern outlet dedicated to getting unbiased, top news stories, feature reports and interviews to the world wherever they get their news. The outlet is independently run and operated. 


Our flagship show,  the Israel Daily News Podcast is an energetic roundup of the top news stories coming out of Israel. Each story is delivered by renowned Journalist Shanna Fuld, who makes the news easy to understand and fun to listen to. Each show ends with a song from an up-and-coming Israeli artist. Podcasts offer feature reports, exclusive interviews and stories,  investigations and coverage of live events on a weekly basis.

Plus! You might even have a laugh at some of Shanna’s quips from the streets of Tel Aviv.


The Israel Weekly Newswrap is a newsletter with the top five stories coming out of Israel from throughout the week. The mailing goes out on Sunday evenings Israel time and includes a Letter from the Editor at the top, followed by five news briefs with items you shouldn’t have missed from throughout the week. You can sign up for it at israeldailynews.org.


The Israel Daily News shares daily updates through our Instagram, Facebook and X accounts along with live streams, mini-docs and video news packages on our YouTube channel



Shanna Fuld is a Broadcast/ print journalist and community organizer. She was born and raised in Howard Beach, Queens in New York City. Shanna attended high school in Brooklyn and attended SUNY Oswego to pursue broadcast journalism. She worked at a variety of New York-based news outlets including NY1 News in Manhattan until she moved to Israel in September of 2018. 

Shanna opened the Israel Daily News as a podcast in 2020 after realizing there was a lack of straight-news about Israel in audio form. She routinely makes appearances as an Israel expert for American news programs and recently released a 4-part series for Showtime called ‘Ghosts of Beirut.’ While on the project, she worked as the Israel researcher with writers of “Fauda” Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz. During that experience she became an expert on the rise of Hezbollah and the joint CIA/Mossad operation which removed Imad Mughniyeh. 

On nights and weekends, Shanna runs a community called Tribe Tel Aviv where she helps newcomers get acclimated to Tel Aviv and Israel at large by directing and hosting high-profile networking and social events. Her flagship program, the Sunset Series brings in top speakers from Israel and the Jewish community at large to address internationals. After their talk, she facilitates a question and answer. 

Shanna is the CEO of the independently-run boutique news outlet called the Israel Daily News where she hosts the hit show, the Israel Daily News Podcast. 

When Shanna is not producing news, she runs the Sunset Series, a Tribe Tel Aviv program that brings in high profile speakers to address immigrants in their 20s and 30s. She is also a professional anchor, MC and researcher. 


Michelle Milner is the social media director at the Israel Daily News Podcast. Milner joined the Israel Daily News team in 2021, bringing podcast content to social media with daily posts. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires. Currently, Milner serve as the Social Media Director and Video Editor for the Israel Daily News podcast. Her expertise lies in managing social media platforms and crafting engaging video content. Today she runs an Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and X page for the Israel Daily News. 


Sivan Hadari is the Israeli Daily News Head of Strategy and Branding. She does a lot of things and makes dreams come true through words and visual creation. She is also a champion of women, men, and furry animals..but mostly of women. 


Maya Kaye is a General News intern. She writes scripts, proof-reads, edits and covers live stories and events. Kaye is entering University in the fall. 

The Israel Daily News accepts interns year-round. 


Bernie News Network (BNN)

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our partnership with Bernie News Network. Since February 2024, our daily news is powered in part by our partner, Bernie News Network (BNN). BNN sends daily news briefs using their vast group of sources on the ground. For fast and precise updates, join BNN on WhatsApp and Telegram at their website bernie.news.


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